Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Aspirations and Expectations

Greetings readers,

My name is Patryk Kopec, and I’m currently studying at St Helens College. I expect to finish this course with the highest grades that I can achieve. After I have successfully finished this course, I will be trying to apply for even higher education such as Master’s Degree and PHD so that it will give me a very good start to my future career plans.

My main career aim is to open up my own technology related business and run it successfully for many years, so that I will be able to invent a new piece of equipment that will be used worldwide. Also knowing a second language gives me an opportunity to be able to work in a different country as well, which will might that I might become valuable employee because of working experience in different areas/countries.

I also like travelling to new places which would be very helpful to me if I had to relocate to a different place if the business needed me there. It might be an advantage because some people might not be too keen to move to new unknown locations, and this will allow me to be picked over the other people.

As a start, I would have to apply to already existing technology business such as PC world or any other firm that is somewhat connected to the IT and the modern technologies. This will allow me to learn about how the business is managed by higher positions, and over time, it will give me an idea of what I should be doing to make sure that my own company will be successful, for example, what I should invest the money in, who I should look for to help, who’s advice to take and how to expand it throughout the industry.

After I have worked for long enough to be able to understand how the companies work and how to operate them, I will try and apply for Google Company as nowadays they have the most advanced inventions such as Google Glasses and Bionic Contact Lenses.

My own company would be based on inventing new technologies that could help the world and evolve its future very quickly and make sure that people can experience the modern technologies for themselves. The organisation would be based in UK and would be expanding globally into other countries which will give us higher chances of success and higher profits if it’s worldwide.

In my very far future, I see myself being an owner of a multi-billion worth technology inventing business, that will be working internationally making people’s lives better and happier. If everything goes well, just like its planned, then I don’t think there will be any problems to make my dreams come true.

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