Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Manchester November 2012

So it is the time of the month when we all go to Manchester for our monthly gather-around to spend some time together, have a few laughs and entertain the public.

In the afternoon, just like last month, we went to the Piccadily Gardens, where we ran around chasing each other around the fountains, invaded a small coffee shop, and scared off some ladies.

Later in the afternoon, we have played some xbox kinnect games, and of course we had some trouble with setting it up properly, as it wouldn't detect our movements and actions, but soon after that, everything was working fine, as we have enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Sadly few people couldn't make it that I was looking forward to see, but hopefully they will make it at the end of this month again.

I must especially thank Craig Dyas for giving me a ride to the meet, as otherwise I would not be able to attend it.

Evil's video:
Hex's video:
Reskell's short video:

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