Saturday, 30 March 2013

March, the busy month.

This month was the busiest month ever! I had a lot of fun, in 6 different cities, which is a bit more than what I am normally used to. But let me walk you through it.

Firstly, on the 3rd of March, we went over to Sheffield, for the first time, as I got invited over by my old friend. He is the main organiser of Sheffield meet-ups, this being his second meet. I decided to go over, see how it goes. I was amazed, that with only (approximately) 10 people showing up, we still managed to have great time. We went up to the pub, had few drinks, then went to go on fursuit walk around Sheffield town and back. It was fantastic! We came across few police guys, and by the smile on their faces, we could tell they were enjoying it!

In the evening on that day, I got invited By Sebastian Kidd, to stay over with him for a night, so I gladly agreed and went with him to Chesterfield where he lives, which was only 10 minutes away from Sheffield, and returned home on the next day.

On the very next weekend, 9th of March, we went up to Manchester for our yet another 'furmeet'. It was great to see my friends that traveled up from another side of UK and be able to talk with them, see what's new and what is going on in their personal lives. As of every month, I had amazing fun. We managed to invade a park, and a local coffee shop, even though there was about 100 of us. They enjoyed it as much as we did, and I'm sure we made their day a little bit less boring.

On the very next weekend, 16th of March , I got dragged to Leeds by few of my friends, which I need to thank, because it was well worth it! (They even paid for my train tickets for which I'm grateful). Upon the arrival in the venue for our meet, I was shocked at first, for the quality of the venue. It was something you'd only see in the movies. I've met few new people, including Sval, who I've wanted to meet for ages, but never really had a chance to, until now. As the day went on, we had our usual chat-chats with people, fursuit walk, then more chat-chats.

Just after 4 days, on wednesday,  I have decided to join a Comic Relief event at St Helens College, to try and raise money for a charity. I was very glad I did it! My friend Matthew Coatsworth, has accompanied me  and took pictures/videos for us, so we could remember that great and fun day!

On the following weekend, 23rd of March, I have decided to travel up to Liverpool, for yet another 'furmeet'. I had some trouble with getting there, as it was snowing very badly, and buses were more than useless that day for travelling. However, my friend Defox, have offered me a lift with his car which enabled me to get there. For the first half of the afternoon, we played pool, talked and met few new people, and then we went for the fursuit walk. Yes, fursuit walk, in snowy and cold weather. It was great for us, as we kept warm due to all the fur we were wearing, however the cameramen were almost
frozen on that day, but still managed to get some great pictures and videos. It was a lot of fun, and I also discovered that my fursuit, works very well with snow on pictures. All the pictures and videos can be found on my facebook page, which I will link later on.

After the fursuit walk, we decided to head back down to the Baa bar, where everyone was staying at, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening having general fun and drinks.

All in all, it was busy, but extremely fun-packed month, and I cant wait now for April. I will most likely visit Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool again, as now people have offered me a car lift, which will cut down on time spent on travel, and also cut down on cost, which is awesome. I really want it to be next weekend already, so this whole crazy monthly-traveling would start again!

Thanks to everyone that I managed to see and talk with, and apologize to everyone that I missed out, as there is way too many people to be able to talk to every single one of you, but next time.. it will be different.

All the pictures from the past months, can be found on my and my Fianc├ęs facebook page:

And the videos:
(Manchester adventures from January)

(Manchester adventures from February)

(Manchester meet in nutshell, skipped for best moment)

(Comic Relief, Every Day I'm Shuffling bit)

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